These are a few of my favorite images. They are biased towards the areas and subjects I have photographed many times in California and Baja California. The oldest image here was taken in 1983. I switched from film to fully digital in 2005. The images you see here are a mix of both. Can you tell which are film and which are digital?

  • Common Dolphins at the Nine-mile bank off San Diego. common dolphins
  • BLUE SHARK, Prionace glauca, 6 miles off Mission Bay, San Diego, California blue shark
  • Pine cone and seedlings after fire- Cuyamaca State Park, after 2004 Cedar Fire, San Diego County, California pine code and seedlings
  • Fire Poppy, Papaver californicum, oocur only after chaparral burn, Mira Mesa, San Diego County, California fire poppy
  • Arroyo Toad, Bufo californicus, Federally endangered, Boden canyon, at night, San Diego County, California arroyo toad
  • Common Dolphins off Mission Beach, San Diego, California common dolphins
  • BAT SEA STARS, Patiria miniata, Monterey Bay, California bat sea stars
  • Blue Whale diving deep off the Los Coronados islands in Baja. blue whale
  • California yellowtail at the nine-mile bank, San Diego, California calif. yellowtail
  • SEA NETTLES, Chrysaora fuscescens, Carmel Bay, Monterey County, California sea nettles
  • A Pacific White-sided Dolphin swims at the surface off Dana Point, California. pacific white sided dolphin