These are a few of my favorite images. They are biased towards the areas and subjects I have photographed many times in California and Baja California. The oldest image here was taken in 1983. I switched from film to fully digital in 2005. The images you see here are a mix of both. Can you tell which are film and which are digital?

  • CALIFORNIA SHEEPHEAD. Two young female sheephead at the Los Coronados Islands in Baja. Calif. sheephead
  • NUDIBRANCH ON ANEMONE. A Hermissenda crassicornis nudibranch at Santa Barbara Island, California. nudibranch on anemone
  • CALIFORNIA MANTIS SHRIMP at Catalina Island. Calif. mantis shrimp
  • PARROTFISH EYE. A sleeping parrotfish from Clipperton Island.Parrotfish eye
  • COMMENSAL FISH WITH JELLYFISH. A juvenile pacific butterfish hides within the protection of the stinging pelagic jellyfish, 5 miles off Oceanside, California. Commensal fish with jellyfish
  • SALP COLONY. A Salp (Pegea sp.) drifts in the open sea off San Diego. salp colony
  • A MOLA MOLA and photographer Randy Morse meet in the open sea off San Diego. mola mola
  • STRIPED MARLIN off Magdalena Bay. Striped marlin
  • ELEPHANT SEAL feeding on bocaccio rockfish. An elephant actively feeding has rarely been photographed because they usually feed very deep. This young male was seen at the nine-mile bank. elephant seal
  • Pacific White-sided Dolphins White sided dolphin
  • Pacific White-sided Dolphins White sided dolphins
  • PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHINS. Pacific white-sided dolphins at the nine-mile bank, 11 miles off San Diego. White sided dolphins
  • Pacific white-sided dolphins White sided dolphins
  • CORAL REEF / PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Coral Reef at "Black and Silver Reef", near East End, Milne Bay, PNG coral reef