These are a few of my favorite images. They are biased towards the areas and subjects I have photographed many times in California and Baja California. The oldest image here was taken in 1983. I switched from film to fully digital in 2005. The images you see here are a mix of both. Can you tell which are film and which are digital?

  • A BROWN PELICAN rides a wave off Boomer Beach in La Jolla. pelican above wave
  • MONTEREY BAY IN WINTER. I grew up in Monterey and had never seen it like this!! A very cold winter storm had dropped the snow level to 1,000 feet. Monterey bay
  • Gray Whale and tourists— Eco-tour at Magdalena Bay, Baja California. Eco-tour
  • A 7-FOOT BLUE SHARK swims off La Jolla in early 2000. One of the few large ones I have seen in the last 10 years! Blue shark
  • MAKO SHARK. This 8-foot female probably weiged in excess of 300 pounds. Howard Hall and I baited her near the 302 spot off San Diego. Mako shark
  • MALE WHITE SHARK at Gaudalupe Island. White Shark
  • MALE WHITE SHARK "Scar" at Guadalupe island. White shark
  • GREAT WHITE SHARK. A 16-foot female white shark at Guadalupe Island. Great white shark
  • A PELAGIC JELLYFISH pulsates near the Los Coronados islands. Pelagic jellyfish
  • ALPHA MALE. This male northern elephant seal dominated the beach at Gorda, Big Sur Coast.elephant seal
  • LOW TIDE. Surf grass and red algae during a big minus tide at Montana de Oro State Park, California. red algae ashore
  • Turkish Towel marine algae - I love the textures of marine plants. This red is like candy. turkish towel algae
  • Surfers at Black's Beach - The godwits, the ocean, everything was calm on this winter afternoon at Black's Beach at Torrey Pines State Park. black's beach, San Diego
  • Kayaker at Foggy Bay, Southeast Alaska - Randy Morse paddles at sunset at Foggy Bay in Southeast Alaska. Foggy Bay, Alaska
  • CLEARING STORM AT SAN QUINTIN - A panga at the "Old Mill". San Quintin