During 2006, 2007 and 2008 I spent many months on location working on the most challenging and exciting project I have ever been involved with- the film "Oceans". Working for Galatee Films (known for “Winged Migrations”) I was part of a team that: > Documented blue whales in Baja California and California, > Sperm whales in the Azores, > Atlantic bluefin tuna off the coast of Turkey, > Jellyfish and otters in Monterey, > Blue and mako sharks off the San Diego coast, > Manta Rays at the Revillagigedo islands. I shot from aircraft, small boats and of course underwater. My assignment was to get the best images I could of the cameraman capturing the action in 35mm film and in high definition video and to get the best image of the subject possible. My images are being used for publicity of the film and in book projects associated with the film. The film "OCEANS" was released in Europe in January 2010 and was released by Disney in the US on Earth Day 2010.

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  • SEA NETTLES SWARM at Carmel Bay, Monterey, California. Kelp-crab
  • HARBOR SEAL- Phoca vitulina, Monterey Bay, California. sheep crab
  • DAVID REICHERT FILMS MOON JELLIES- Aurelia sp., 20 meters deep, Monterey Bay, Monterey, California. pickleweed
  • "OCEANS" FILM CREW SHOOTS BLUEFIN TUNA- (Thunnus thynnus) in tow pen, shot off the Turkey coast. fish ladder
  • SEA OTTER- Enhydra lutris, Monterey Bay, California. Del Mar Meeting
  • RISSO DOLPHIN- Grampus griseus, Monterey Bay, California. wetland birds
  • THE "MINI-HELICO films a blue whale off Juncalito near Loreto in the Sea of Cortez. tractor
  • KRILL (Thysanoessa spinifera) filmed by David Reichert at Los Coronados Islands, Baja California, Mexico. graffiti
  • BLUE WHALE- Balaenoptera musculus, Los Coronados islands, Baja California, Mexico. concrete
  • SHORTFIN MAKO SHARK (Isurus oxyrinchus), 8 miles off La Jolla.. osprey
  • MANTA AT SOCCORO ISLAND-Manta birostris, Isla Soccoro, Revillagigedo islands, Mexico, eastern pacific.. osprey